Q. Can we pick the music that goes in our film?

AYou are more than welcome to make suggestions, but the overall decision is on us. Music is a big part of Revival House and we want to make sure it fits the film. 

Q. Do you guys film the ceremony?

A. Yes, we do and we do it with the same quality and professionalism as your film. What more could you ask for? 

Q. How long do you shoot?

A. No matter what package you purchase we are there the entire day(8HR Max). This means as early as you want us until the very end. This is unless you tell us to leave.

Q. How much do you shoot?

A. We leave an entire day with 400- 600 clips. This translates into almost everything. We shoot almost everything, but not everything makes the cut for the film. If you would like to purchase the footage you don't see you can. This is what you get when you add-on the unedited footage.

Q. Do you guys film rehearsal dinners?

A. Yes, we do. This is considered an add-on and we charge for this by the hour. 

Q. Do you guys just put our film to music or can you add audio such as our vows, etc..?

A. We build the film the way you want it. If you would like a mixture of recorded audio and music, you got it!!!

Q. Are there any revisions?

A. We offer revisions but this does cost extra. Revisions must be small and cannot be a reedit of the entire film itself. 

Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. We try our best to maintain a turnaround time of  3 months. However, in the busy season it usually is 4-5 months.

Q. Do you guys only film weddings?

A. We are glad you asked. No, we offer a variety of services that tackle the consumer to professional levels of film. This would include commercial, entertainment, and corporate opportunities.